How much will it cost now to use the Rattray Street tap?

There is no charge, we are just asking people to make a donation to the Fund when they fill up. How about 10 cents a litre? 10 cents is the smallest coin in your wallet, and if everyone contributed like this it would add a $100,000 per year to the Fund.

Who decides how the money should be awarded?

A panel of five judges is responsible for reviewing applications to The Fund every May and determining which projects should be granted funding and how this should be paid. Our judges have expertise in the biology, ecology, governance, business, and Otago issues.

Members of the current judging panel are:
  • Professor Carolyn Burns
  • Mayor Dave Cull
  • Stuart McLauchlan
  • Gretchen Robertson
  • Michael Stedman
  • Vanessa van Uden
  • Stephen Woodhead
Click here to read more about our judging panel.

Does all of the funding go to one project or is it split up?

That's up to the judging panel. The total pool of funds available can be allocated to one project or divided among multiple projects.

How will awards be paid - at the start or throughout the project life?

Again the judging panel will decide the best way to fund winning projects, taking into account the needs of the applicant and project timelines. Please note that we will only be able to pay the organisation receiving the funding not any other suppliers. The decision may be made in consultation with the recipient after the award is announced.

What else does Speight's do to support Otago?

Otago and Speight's are inextricably connected. As well as the new Speight's Fund, we are a major sponsor of Otago Rugby and the Otago Highlanders. Speight's also sponsors the Skeggs Foundation for elite athletes, the annual Otago Cancer Society Ball, and Little Sisters of the Poor to name a few.

How much will be available every year?

Speight's is committed to donating $25,000 every year. So that is the minimum. The total amount varies depending on how much is donated by people taking water from the Rattray St tap.

Where does the money come from?

The Fund grows in three ways:
  • Speight's contributes an annual lump sum of $25,000 to the Fund.
  • People who use the spring at our brewery on Rattray Street have been asked to donate 10 cents for every litre they take. Each year one million litres of water is taken from the spring by the public. If people donate just ten cents per litre, the Fund will have a further $100,000 annually to invest in local environment projects.
  • Speight’s will undertake various activities over the year to raise funds.

When can I apply to the Fund?

Funding will be allocated on an annual basis with applications opening in August and successful applicants being announced in November.  

What sort of projects and groups can apply?

The Fund is available for environment projects within Otago Regional Council's boundaries and it's environment, with preference given to initiatives concerning the preservation and protection of local water resources and environments. There is also scope for environmental projects to be provided funding for research and educational purposes. For more information on funding criteria, click here.