Speight's is the major sponsor of Otago rugby and the Highlanders. No surprises there. We are involved in stuff that matters, and in Otago that means rugby. However as our beer has become a favourite throughout New Zealand so have our sponsorships of the sport we love.


Speight's has been a major sponsor of The Highlander's since it began in 1996. This year all the ducks seem to be lining up. Otago legend Jamie Joseph has committed to three more years in charge. The new covered Forsyth Barr stadium is the envy of all other unions, and the newly named Speight's Stand is the only stand in the country with Speight's on tap. We're looking for great things from the Highlanders this year, and the next and the one after that ...



The Blues are the sleeping giant of New Zealand rugby. With new coach Sir John Kirwan on board we're picking that the rest of the country is in for a rude awakening. Speight's is right behind a new Blues era.



Speight's sponsorship of Otago stretches way back to 1989. In those days the team was actually called Speight's Otago. They were the glory days  of the House of Pain, Scarfies and burning couches. More recently it has been Otago that has felt the pain and Speight's played a vital part of the rescue package that helped save the Otago Rugby Union in 2012. Rest assured, our commitment stretches into the foreseeable future.





Speight's is also a major tournament sponsor of the biggest party of the year in Wellington, the International Hertz Sevens. Now that Sevens rugby is an Olympic sport we are expecting Sevens to take off. And Speight's will be right there supporting our teams and supporting our supporters. 


Speight's have sponsored the National Seven's tournament for the last 4 years. It's a fantastic 2 days of rugby and celebration in Queenstown with regional teams fighting to be national champions.


Speight's understands that the ITM cup is the great strength of New Zealand rugby. Our interprovincial tournament is the breeding ground of the world's great rugby players - and the world's greatest rugby supporters. We reckon they all deserve a Speight's after the game so that why we're proud to sponsor  OTAGO, SOUTHLAND, and TASMAN.



Speight's original southern man character can be in the club rooms of some of New Zealand's greatest club teams in provincial rugby. This is where real mates are found and where passion for our great game really exists. It's where you'll find a Speight's and your mates after a bloody hard game. We're proud to sponsor the mighty unions of NORTH OTAGO, BULLER, SOUTH CANTERBURY and MID CANTERBURY.

UNDER 85kgs

Under 85s is Auckland social grade rugby at it's best. With over 700 registered players it is about the most popular rugby grades in New Zealand, with most clubs having at least one team entered. The standard of rugby can vary but the standard of the after-match function is world class. That's where Speight's comes in. Like in the ITM Cup, where teams strive to hold the Ranfurly Sheild, this grade strives for the legendary 'Speight's Sheild'. Lets just say if you hold this at the end of the season, you'll be finishing the season in style.