We're here to eat

BBQ is simple

  • Get some meat
  • Light the grill under it
  • Good on ya mate

But before you rush in, there are some things you ought to know:

You shouldn't need anything more than a good pair of tongs and a keen knife.

  • Knife

    A man should own at least one good knife. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s sharp. You can test this by scraping it against the hairs on your forearm, if there are any left. (see Tongs)

  • Tongs

    Recommended. One of the more useful inventions of the past century. The longer the handle, the more fiddly they are to use. The shorter the handle, the greater the forearm-hair singe factor.

  • Fork

    Less versatile than tongs. Over to you.

  • Multi-tool

    Completely optional.

  • Pepper Grinder


    Only if it was given to you by a close living relative likely to favour you in their will and they will be attending the BBQ.

Some basic tips

  • One

    Check it before you wreck it. Get to know your BBQ and it’s settings. The hot spots and the cold spots. Work out where to colour and seal your meat and where to move it to finish cooking.

  • Two

    When cooking with the hood down remember which gas knob settings you need to achieve the ideal temperature. Handy for slow roasting.

  • Three

    Start hot. As a rule of thumb either sear or seal your bit of meat first at a high temperature to lock in it’s juices then finish cooking at a lower temp until the right doneness is achieved.

  • Four

    Catch it if you can.  However you do it, hunt, dive, net, tackle or even seduce. Catch it yourself and you’ll be rewarded. If you can’t, buy free range or organic meats. It tastes better.

The famous
hand test for
perfect steaks

Check doneness by pressing a steak in the center, then use your thumb, fingers, and the varying firmness of the pad at the base of your thumb as your guide.

  • Index finger:

    Soft and squishy, like a sponge.

  • Middle finger:
    Medium Rare

    Firm but yielding,
    like a doughnut.

  • Ring finger:

    Internal temp: 71˚C
    Barely yielding, like a
    squash ball.

  • Pinky finger:

    Hard yet springy, like
    a tennis ball.